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28 August 2011 @ 10:49 pm
[fic] DBSK/SuJu; Fleeing Storms; Chapter One; R  
Title: Fleeing Storms (1/?)
Author: omen1x2
Rating: R
Fandom: TVXQ, Super Junior
Pairing: JaeChun, HyukMin, (Sung)MinJae, more later.
Disclaimer: Like all fanfic writers, I twist reality to please me.
Summary: In a world where being different is terrifying, the different are sent away to a place where they can learn to be not-so-different. Steampunk AU.

Fleeing Storms
Chapter One
By Omen-chan

For centuries, the Knightwatch have protected the people.
Through monarchs, coups, and the creation of the new republic, this army has survived, for the people will always need protecting.
Even from, especially from, themselves.

“Mama! Mama, please! I’m scared!”

“No!” The woman screamed as she tried to reach the source of the maelstrom. “No, I won’t let them take him!”

“Mama, he’s scaring me!” Another girl screamed and hid her face in her sister’s skirts.

The more the children screamed, the more the boy’s storm thundered, inside and out. Sensing this, the mother motioned to her daughters and then spoke to the boy, fighting for calm. “Darling… Darling baby, it’s all right. There’s nothing to be scared of anymore.”

The winds lessened, allowing her to enter the tattered remains of what was left of a small bedroom. She gathered the toddler into her arms as the last of the storm disappeared.

“Mama’s here, baby. It’s all right. There’s nothing to fear. I promise.”

The child raised wide, teary eyes to her. He had no way of conveying his pain and fear, magnified a thousand fold by those around him.

She kissed his cheek, and his eyes closed. Mama was here. He was safe.


“I don’t know why I let you two morons talk me into this shit.”

Sungmin gave Heechul his beautiful, cheery smile – the one that hid every negative emotion from prying eyes and bleeding hearts. “Hey, don’t you like your going-away present, hyung?”

Heechul looked up at the sky, with the rolling clouds, gusty winds, and brilliant lightning flashes. “Unimpressive. I see storms all the time.”

Jaejoong looked away from his work to give Sungmin a brief nudge. “We aren’t done yet.”

Taking a deep breath, Sungmin stared up at the sky before raising his hands. He and Jaejoong had thought long and hard about how they were going to give Heechul his send-off. From the depths of the clouds, a streak of lightning arced down, straight into the boy’s hands. For a moment, his hair stood on end, clothes radiating with elemental power, before Sungmin managed to draw it into himself.

Finished, Jaejoong dispersed his storm, and Sungmin held out an oddly shaped piece of glass, all bubbles and waves, to Heechul.

“We’ll miss you,” Jaejoong said quietly as Heechul took it.

Sungmin nodded. “Don’t let the real world scare you.”

Heechul gave him a superior look that none of them believed. “Since when have I ever been scared of anything?”


Jaejoong was avoiding his room. His new roommate (Heechul’s replacement, Jaejoong thought viciously) was due to arrive today, and Jaejoong wanted nothing to do with him. Spending time with Hyukjae wasn’t a safe alternative, but the boy, half-skittish, half-arrogant, usually knew when to keep his Empathic senses to himself.

“Did you really skip all your classes today, hyung?” Hyukjae’s voice came soft and tentative, as if asking a question he already knew the answer to was prying into the depths of Jaejoong’s soul.

“Of course. They never teach us anything in those stupid things anyway.”

“They’ll write you up.”

“I know.”

“It’ll be in your record.”

Jaejoong nodded and rested his chin on his knees. “I know.”

Hyukjae, a strong Empath whose powers had manifested at an early age, had been there longer than any of them. He knew the way the place worked, and he sometimes joked that he was probably never going to get to leave.

Jaejoong was the only one that knew Hyukjae’s inner fear that the joke might be true.


It was late by the time Hyukjae finally kicked Jaejoong out of his room. Through the hall windows, he saw that dusk had already fallen, and he twitched with the temptation to fill the clear, starry sky with clouds. He quenched the desire to match the weather to his emotions and continued to trudge downstairs to his room.

Sucking in a breath, Jaejoong rapped twice on his door before entering and then stopped in the middle of the room. No one was there.

Confused, Jaejoong turned on his heel, taking in any possible changes, but the only ones to be found were a new knapsack and suitcase, thrown haphazardly into a corner. His new roommate was nowhere to be seen.

Jaejoong bit his lip as he checked the sky outside again, but he already knew it was too close to curfew to find this random stray he’d never met.

Letting out a muttered curse, Jaejoong grabbed the knapsack and headed right back out of his room.

He didn’t have time to go back up to the fifth floor to find Hyukjae, so Jaejoong closed his eyes and opened his senses as wide as they could go, trying to access his secondary Gift as much as possible. Although his Empathy was nowhere near as strong as his friend’s, he still managed to catch a smattering of emotional aura that matched the knapsack.

In the stables, of all places.

Cursing again, Jaejoong took off as fast as his feet could carry him. He tried to shake off the loneliness and heartbreak he was feeling through the link, but instead of diminishing, it just kept growing. Impossibly, he put on an extra burst of speed and nearly fell down the stairs.


Yoochun curled into a corner, trying desperately to pretend he wasn’t crying, that he wasn’t homesick, that he wasn’t here. He’d managed to stay in his room for just a few minutes before the tears had started to overwhelm him, and, terrified that someone would walk in any minute, he had escaped to the best refuge he could find.

The mare, his guardian and partner-in-crime, was just looking back at him as if ascertaining that her charge was still there, invading her personal space, when a door slammed, startling all the stable’s inhabitants, including Yoochun.

“Dammit, kid, I know you’re in here! Don’t you know light’s-out is in ten minutes, or didn’t anyone tell you?!” A voice whisper-shouted into the darkness, and the horses all seemed to calm immediately. Even Yoochun felt his fear dissolve into a glow of golden warmth.

Surprised for a moment out of his homesickness, Yoochun poked his head up over the edge of the stable door. “Who’s there? Are you talking to me?”

Jaejoong slowly made his way towards the door. “Yes, I am talking to you. I’m certainly not talking to the horses. Now come on, before we both get in trouble. I’m in enough for one day, and you really don’t want to get into any on your first.”

Yoochun considered this for a moment, and then nodded and stuttered, “Okay. Um. Okay.” He couldn’t make out the face of this soothing presence in the dark as the other boy handed him his knapsack.


They had just missed curfew when they made it to their room, but luckily, the watch hadn’t yet reached their floor. The door opened as the two were changing into their sleep clothes.

“Cutting it a little close, aren’t you?” Yunho’s voice came from a silhouette of light; his partner stood behind him with the lamp.

Jaejoong apologized and reached over to help his new roommate button up the last of his nightshirt. “Sorry, Yunho. I’ve been showing my new roomie the ropes, and lost track of time.”

“Well, I’ll let it slide this time. But if it happens again, I’ll have to write you two up, okay?”

Yoochun stared at the face illuminated by the lamp as Jaejoong finished helping him change. He’d never seen such beautiful eyes before, and it took him a moment to take in the rest of his features, all just as perfect as his eyes.

“Thank you,” he breathed.

Jaejoong smiled just as the door shut, enclosing them in darkness again. “You’re welcome. What’s your name?”

“Yoochun. Park Yoochun.”

“Kim Jaejoong.” His fingers slid down Yoochun’s arm to catch his hand for a short handshake.


“Hey. Hey! Wake up already!”

Yoochun wrinkled his nose and covered his face with his pillow. He didn’t want to wake up. When he woke up, he would be back on the train to The Institute, instead of at home with his parents and little brother. He didn’t want to be away from them. He didn’t want to be going there.

“Damn it, Yoochun, you’re gonna be in deep shit if you’re late on your very first day!”

It was the voice that jerked him awake. Despite the curses, the tone was still soft and sweet, as if the words were made of honey. An image of dark eyes, glowing from reflected candlelight, hit his memory and he sat up. “Jaejoong…?”

“Geez, finally! Are you always such a lazy ass?” Jaejoong held two slices of bread covered in jam out to him. “You missed breakfast.”

Blinking sleepily, Yoochun reached for the bread while his eyes feasted on his roommate. Pretty, Yoochun thought dumbly as he took in the long, dark hair burning red in the early morning light, high cheekbones and pale skin.

Jaejoong held out a glass of orange juice. “Don’t I at least get a good morning?”

Yoochun flushed and looked down. “Good morning.”


“Okay, the ‘lackeys’ have given me permission to give you a tour before classes, so try and pay attention, okay?” Jaejoong waited for Yoochun’s nod before continuing. “This is the dorm, obviously. It’s pretty big, and they’re thinking of expanding because almost every room is full, and more keep coming in.” They made their way down the stairs from their room on the third floor. “It used to be that the top floor was for special cases and the bottom floor was for the more ‘normal’ ones, but they changed that a while ago.”

“Because there wasn’t enough room?”

“Yeah. Otherwise, the building would have to be some sort of weird pyramid shape. Too many normals and not enough weirdoes.”

“Which one are you?”

Jaejoong grinned at Yoochun, showing too much teeth. “A weirdo. Obviously.”

Yoochun nodded and looked down at his feet. “Yeah. Me too.”


Once they reached the outside, Yoochun took a deep breath and relaxed slightly. If nothing else, at least the view was magnificent.

“The stables are over there, which you obviously already know. That building next to them is the bathhouse.” Yoochun just barely made out towels and buckets thrown haphazardly around the grounds and over the privacy walls.

Jaejoong pointed in the opposite direction to a large building just to their left. “That’s the gym and cafeteria. That long passage from the dorm leads straight to the cafeteria, so you don’t have to go out to immediately go back in, unless you want to.”

“Why’d we take this way, then?”

Jaejoong shrugged. “It’s easier when you can see what the buildings look like from outside. That one way over there-“ He pointed to a smaller, one-story building far on the other side of the grounds, as if trying to pretend it wasn’t a part of the rest. “-is the training center. It’s where they use us as guinea pigs to train the new Knightwatch.”

They both surreptitiously watched it out of the corners of their eyes as they continued the tour.


“And this is the school building.” They stopped in the center of the grounds and stared up at the three-story tall building.

“It looks just like any other school,” Yoochun said hesitantly.

“Well, duh. What were you expecting? Dungeons and torture machines?”

“I… I don’t know what I expected.”

“None of us ever do.”


“Yoochun! Yoochun!” A figure waved crazily from the other side of the cafeteria.

“Who on earth is that?” Junsu whispered into his friend’s ear.

Yoochun ducked and blushed and headed over to the waving figure. “My roommate.”

“Oh.” Junsu eyed the person with new interest as they approached. “Is he crazy?”

“I don’t know. Probably.”

Junsu nodded his approval. “Cool.”


Jaejoong pushed at Sungmin’s hips, making him scoot over enough to fit in his new roommate, and ignored his friend’s loud, indignant protests.

Sungmin pouted as Yoochun plopped down into his former spot. “Have I been replaced, Jaejoong ah?”

Grinning, Jaejoong peeked around Yoochun’s burning cheeks to wriggle his eyebrows at him. “Don’t be silly, Sungminnie. You are, luckily, irreplaceable.”

Hyukjae reached across the table and patted Sungmin’s hand. “It’s okay, hyung. You still have me.”

Jaejoong pointed rudely as another boy sat across from him. “Who’s this?”

“’This’ is Junsu,” Yoochun said as he fiddled with his tray. “We met on the train.”

Giving this other boy a long look, Jaejoong finally settled with a nod, finding him acceptable, much to everyone’s surprise. Jaejoong did not normally make new friends so easily.


Sungmin still hadn’t quite recovered from his slight when they’d finished their lunches. Watching Hyukjae make easy friends with the other newcomer on the other side of the table didn’t help. He turned to the intruder on his left and asked politely, “So, Park sshi, what is it you do, then?”

Yoochun looked up from where he was playing with his food. “Do?”

“Yeah, do.” Closing his eyes and licking his lips, Sungmin held his forefingers about an inch apart and created a small stream of electricity between them, which then shot out to shock Yoochun’s hand just as it reached for his cup.

“Ow!” Yoochun stuck his thumb into his mouth and glared at Sungmin. Jaejoong was too far away to kick his friend, so he settled for glaring too.

Sungmin ignored the glares he was getting from all sides (even Hyukjae had stopped playing with Junsu to stare at his precious hyung in surprise) and continued. “That’s what I do. What about you?”

The next thing he knew, Sungmin had slid several feet further down the bench, knocking several others off the end as he went. He stared down the bench, shocked eyes fixed on Yoochun.

Yoochun took a bite of his stew. “That’s what I do.”


Sungmin never was very good at carrying grudges. By the time classes had ended for the day, he, Yoochun, and Junsu were already the best of friends, and Sungmin kept excitedly asking Yoochun to use his telekinesis for something else. Although the Gift itself was fairly common, none of them had ever seen one as powerful as this, and they were all eager with curiosity.

When they had finally separated to head to their dorm rooms, Yoochun collapsed onto his bed and refused to move, even when Jaejoong reminded him that it was time for dinner.

The next thing Yoochun knew, Jaejoong was helping him out of his uniform, and the windows were completely dark. By the light of the candle that Jaejoong had snuck past light’s-out, Yoochun watched dazedly as the light flickered in Jaejoong’s hair and eyes. “Wh’t’re you doin’?” he mumbled sleepily.

“Trying to get you into your pajamas, you lazy ass,” Jaejoong whispered in reply. “Now hold your arms up.”

Jaejoong had just managed to finish with Yoochun’s clothes when the watch came by for their bed check.

“This is much better,” Yunho rumbled in approval from the doorway, taking in both boys lying in their beds. “Good to see my warning helped.”

Jaejoong just nodded, and as soon as the door closed, he jumped up to tuck Yoochun back under his covers. Yoochun had already fallen back asleep. With a sigh, Jaejoong set the plate of sandwiches and the glass of milk he’d brought up from the cafeteria inside the drawer of Yoochun’s bedside table. Maybe he would wake up hungry later.

~to be continued…~

A/N: Heechul’s send-off was my own little goodbye to him while he goes off to the military. Also, I don’t plan on making this fic much more than four or five chapters, as I am well aware that I still have Deep to work on, as well as the epilogue for Unpacked. (The whole idea came to me while I was rereading The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek, and it simply wouldn’t shut up.)

Chapter Two
Odangeliikodangeliik on August 29th, 2011 04:24 am (UTC)
Oooh i like this!!<33

It is really interesting!!

Can't wait to see how the relationship between Chun and Jae will develop!!

I like your goodbye to Heechul =)

Looking forward to the next chapter!!<33

Thanks!! ^^
Omen-chan: Sandeul from B1A4omen1x2 on August 29th, 2011 04:28 am (UTC)
Yeah, my goodbye to Heechul was probably my favorite part. I wanted to give him a nice send-off. ♥

I'll try to get the next chapter up soon!
nuhcuy'snuhcuys on August 29th, 2011 05:16 am (UTC)
all the character was doing well in this...cant wait fpor the next chapter
Omen-chan: alice nine.omen1x2 on August 29th, 2011 01:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'll try and have it up soon. ^^
tarwen♥: jaetarwen_xoxo on August 29th, 2011 06:03 am (UTC)
really? heechul is leaving for military service before leeteuk?
that was a nice send-off~ (i want the bubble for myself!)

awww, yoochun made jae access his maternal skills even before he met him ^^
Omen-chan: Jaejoong Playing Chessomen1x2 on August 29th, 2011 01:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was kind of surprised too. I guess Heechul just wanted to get it over with.

Awww, thanks! I wish I really could give him one, but my thoughts are with him. ^o^

lmfao; YES. That is totally where I was trying to go with that. Thanks for catching it!
archangelstepharchangelsteph on August 29th, 2011 09:42 am (UTC)
i love this and can't wait to read more..it seems really interesting and i like it a lot ^O^
Omen-chan: Jungmin = Darlingomen1x2 on August 29th, 2011 01:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'll hopefully have the next chapter up soon.
mkverse on August 29th, 2011 04:06 pm (UTC)
I really like how you convey feeling with movement. You manage to keep the story moving without losing any of the emotional.

I like, I like!! Want more!...

Pretty Please??
Omen-chan: JaeChun Loveomen1x2 on August 29th, 2011 05:19 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I always prefer showing-not-telling in my writing, because I think it's the subtlety in body language and tone that say more than words. ^o^

I'll try and get chapter two finished and posted ASAP!
facethcloudsfacetheclouds on August 29th, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
Oooooo I like this. I like this a lot <3 <3 I'm really looking forward to the rest of it! I love the way you write, off to check out other ficcies~
Omen-chan: JaeChun - AADBSK3omen1x2 on August 29th, 2011 11:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I hope you like them all. ^o^
blocassimereblocassimere on August 30th, 2011 01:13 pm (UTC)
aww~ i'm likin' this :DD well, i always like your fics hehe please, update soon ^^,
Omen-chan: Angeloomen1x2 on September 5th, 2011 01:31 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'll try to have chapter two up soon. ^o^
blocassimereblocassimere on September 5th, 2011 02:37 am (UTC)
YAY! Can't wait :) Fighting! fighting! :))
takki_tsubie_tomo_toma-love: Thanks toryther on September 4th, 2011 11:03 am (UTC)
wow! I love the settings and I love Yoochun's power! I wonder when Changmin gonna pop out but...Jaejoong-why are you so attached to Yoochun? Love at first sight?

Omen-chan: kannivalism - Ryou and Yuuchi - Hustleomen1x2 on September 5th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
I had a lot of fun deciding on what everyone has. I tried to match personalities to powers for the most part, but Yoochun's was a harder one to decide on.

I think that when Jaejoong opened his Empathy to find Yoochun, that rush of Yoochun's emotions made Jaejoong soften to him pretty quickly. Even more so because he -spoiler- still hasn't managed to close off that link between the two of them.